WG5:  Outreach & Dissemination

Dissemination is a crucial part of the BioBrilouin Action. Some activities involved in the dissemination plan include:

Exchange of generated knowledge among Action members:

  • Meetings:

~ 2 Annual  Management Committee Meetings

1 Annual “BioBrillouin Meeting”

  • Exchanges:

Short-term Scientific Missions (staff/student exchanges)
(more info @ https://www.biobrillouin.eu/stsms/)

  • Dissimination:

Publications of regular press releases to reach interested lay science audiences.

Organizing the publication of regular scientific review articles in suitable journals describing the current status of the field and outlook.

Additional dissemination activities (events in collaboration with research councils, societies, industries, and city councils) involving other funding bodies, charities, schools and media.

  • Outreach:

Organizing BioBrillouin open days at Action hubs focused on university students,  “Open days for Clinicians” at one of the hubs, Hands-on Workshops organized by the Actions, and the final Action conference.

  • You can also follow us at:

If you would like to be involved in these or other not mentioned Dissiminations and Outreach activities for BioBrillouin please contact Dr. Celia Sousa at: celiasousa[at]fc.up.pt

Work Group Leader:
Célia Tavares de Sousa
University of Porto,