Work Group 3: Instrument Design and Data Analysis

Work Group Leader:

Robert Prevedel


(prevedel [at]


Despite significant recent advancements, current implementations of Brillouin Light Scattering Spectroscopy (BLSS) come with certain technical limitations, which make the performance of those instruments lag behind more widely adopted biomedical imaging modalities. This workgroup (WG) is dedicated to improving the design and efficiency of BLLS spectrometers in order to enable more widespread, and eventually disruptive, applications in the life sciences. For this we are engaging in frequent discussions and close collaboration between the various WG members.

During the course of this COST Action, we aim to improve the performance of BLSS systems in the following directions:

This WG is also intended as a platform for instrument developers and data analysts to communicate and share their ideas, experiences and challenges. Furthermore, during the course of this WG, we aim to collect performance parameters pertaining to different currently existing BLSS instruments in terms of spatial, temporal, and spectral resolution, as well with regards to measurements precision and signal-to-noise. On the analysis side, we aim to establish standard protocols and procedures for proper calibration, acquisition, processing and analysis of BLSS data sets.