2nd Workshop on Brillouin microscopy

January 2019, 23rd to 25th

Lyon, France




Course Overview

Brillouin microscopy is an emerging optical imaging and spectroscopy technique which allows probing mechanical properties of living cells using light. Mechanical forces have recently identified as key players in cell, tissue and developmental biology as they are thought to regulate a number of different properties and behaviours. Brillouin microscopy offers the ability to measure these mechanical properties in a non-invasive manner with high spatial and temporal resolution in living cells, and also gives access to internal structures, i.e. it is not restricted to surface measurements, unlike many other techniques (e.g. atomic force microscopy). By mixing lectures and hands-on classes, this workshop aims at bringing this emerging technique closer to the life science scientists.



This course is aimed at researchers who are applying or planning to apply Brillouin microscopy to their research and wish to acquire more knowledge and hands-on training on this technology.




Learning Outcomes

You will gain an overview of this advanced microscopy method, including its advantages and limitations. You will gain an insight in its applications and pitfalls as well as recommendations from experts. You will meet top industrial actors that offer state-of-the-art solutions. After this course you should be able to assess the potential of the technique and apply it to your own research.