“BioBrillouin Society” Survey

The BioBrillouin COST Action will soon be coming to an end… 

In order to maintain and further the growth of the field and community we are planning to set up a “BioBrillouin Society”. 

In doing so we want to be sure that the organization, mission and activities of the society are as much as possible in-line with the expectations of prospective members (i.e. you).

To make this possible please take a few minutes to fill in the short survey below. At the end of the survey you can (optionally) enter your email address and we will keep you updated on future developments and send you an invitation to join the society once possible!

An annual "BioBrillouin" Meeting

BioBrillouin training school(s)

Meetings focused on specific topics in the field

Travel awards/grants/financial-assistance for Early Career Researchers/under-represented communities

Financial awards for international staff exchanges (e.g. travel grants)

Financial assistance for publications (books, open-access articles)

Financial and organizational assistance for hosting my own meetings/workshops/events

Regular newsletters/publications/updates for and by community

Connections to specialized equipment/reagent -suppliers and industry

A forum for advertising open positions and posting my resume for potential employers

A forum for advertising my product or services

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